User's Guide

Important: Before getting started here, follow the install instructions on the Install page.

1. Find Your Target Person

The first step is finding the person or profile for which you wish to record notes. This could be a profile on or a person record on

2. Copy the ID

Copy the ID for your target person. This will be used as a tag within Evernote.


Copy the number from the URL.



Copy the ID from the Summary tab.


3. Create a Note

Open up Evernote and create a new note. This can be done via the desktop (Windows or Mac OS X) app, or through the Evernote® web application.


4. Tag the Note

Paste the ID from step 2 into the Tags field.

Important:If the ID came from Geni, place a "geni." in front of the ID. If the note came from, place a "fs."


5. View the Note on FamilySearch or Geni


Click on the "NoteFuser" tab. Expand the notes by clicking on the titles.



Click on the "NoteFuser" tab. Expand the notes by clicking on the titles.


6. Create a Research Log

Click the "Create Research Log" link to create a research log that is linked to that person.

The resulting note will automatically have many of the details filled in (tags, title, name, etc.)

7. Edit Notes

You can edit notes in Evernote at any time. Make sure you "Sync" if you are using a mobile or desktop client.

You can use the "Edit in Evernote" link to open up the note in the Evernote web application.


Edit the note on