Tag notes with FamilySearch and Geni IDs

Tag your research notes, stories, audio, and pictures with FamilySearch or Geni IDs.


As long as you use the NoteFuser convention of putting an fs. and geni. in front of the ID in the tag, NoteFuser will automatically pull in the note when viewing the person's record on the Geni.com or new.FamilySearch.org website.

View your notes on FamilySearch and Geni Websites

When the NoteFuser extension is installed in Google Chrome, you will see a new "NoteFuser" tab when viewing profiles in new.FamilySearch.org and Geni.com.

NoteFuser on Geni.com


NoteFuser on FamilySearch.org


One-click Research Log Template

Click on the "Create Research Log" from the NoteFuser tab on Geni or FamilySearch and a new Evernote® note will be created for you with a research log template already pre-populated


Your research log will be ready and waiting in Evernote®!


Take Your Research Anywhere!

Evernote® is supported on just about every phone, computer, and device. This allows you to take your research anywhere.


(screenshot from http://www.evernote.com/evernote/)

Access and update your notes from your iPad, iPhone, or Android-powered phone while visiting libraries, archives, courthouses, churches, and cemeteries.


Library image by chillihead