Frequently Asked Questions

NoteFuser is too new to have actually received any real questions. However, here are some questions you may be asking.

Question: How do we request new features or submit a bug report?

Send me an email. I'll post my email address after the RootsTech Developers Challenge is over.

Question: What features would you like to see in the future?

Target Notebooks

I have several notebooks in my Evernote account. I'd like to be able to select the notebook for creating Research Logs.


These are the types of notes I'd like to see added:

  • Blank Note - Auto-populated with ID tag, name in the title, etc.
  • Research Checklists - A checklist of sources to search in, depending upon time and geography of the person.
  • Story - Template for recording stories.
  • Interview - Would include questions for interviewing a parent, grandparent, etc.
  • User Custom - Allow a user to tag a note with nf.template and it would automatically become a new NoteFuser template.

More Browser Support

I'd like to support Firefox and Safari. Friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer :P

Question: What technologies were used to build this?

NoteFuser is a bundle of a whole lot of different technologies stitched together to provide a simple user experience. Here are a few:

  • Ruby on Rails 3.1
  • A whole bunch of Ruby Gems (omniauth, evernote, omniauth-evernote, devise, mongoid)
  • MongoDB
  • Heroku
  • MongoHQ
  • jQuery - lots of it

Question: Why build NoteFuser?

I built this project to scratch my own itch. I've been finding family stories in books while visiting the Family History Library. I began transcribing and compiling these stories in Evernote, and I wanted a way to link them back to people in FamilySearch and Geni. This seemed like a perfect project for the RootsTech Developer Challenge.

Evernote® is an awesome product! I use it every day in almost everything I do. Why not use it for my family history?

There are over 10 million Evernote® users worldwide.

Question: How many hours were spent making this?

I'm not sure exactly. It has consumed many late night evenings and train rides to work. I wasn't able to really start on the project until January 1. I've probably spent around 80 hours.

Question: What kind of bear is best?

Black bear.